Here’s a sneak peek for the courses at Infinity Rehab’s annual therapy conference, Symposium. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re an OT, PT, or SLP!

For the occupational therapist

Enable yourself to identify realistic goals
Kim Warchol, OT
Kim Warchol, occupational therapist and dementia expert, will speak at Infinity Rehab’s 15th annual Symposium.
She will dive into the occupational therapist’s role in functional cognitive assessments and interventions for those living with dementia and other limited cognitive abilities. Occupational therapists will leave Kim’s session with a suggested assessment and intervention process for the long-term care field.
Choose wisely
Andrea Betts, OT & Julianne Cooper, OT
Infinity Rehab’s very own OT Practice Council members, Andrea Betts and Julianne Cooper, will present on choosing wisely when deciding how to engage your patients. They’ll also provide occupation-based treatment that exemplifies the core tenants of the occupational therapy profession.

For the physical therapist

Find creative balance
Patrick Hennessy, PT & Patty Scheets, PT
Falls are such a common event for older people that it is easy to overlook their often very serious consequences and overall health.
Patty Scheets, PT, and Patrick Hennessy, PT, bring evidence-based interventions to improve dynamic balance in older adults. Dive deep into how to assess, intervene, educate, and decrease falls in your patient population through physical therapy techniques at Symposium 2020.
Discover how to decrease incontinence
Susan Churchill, PT
The pelvic floor consists of a group of muscles that work to provide visceral organ support, provide resistance intra-abdominal pressure, and maintain urinary and fecal continence. To improve incontinence, this muscle group must undergo retraining. Discover the importance of retraining the pelvic floor using physical therapy in order to decrease incontinence frequency and amount by Area Regional Director Susan Churchill, PT.

For the speech-language pathologist

You can make a difference with dementia patients
Jennifer Brush, CCC-SLP, Brush Development Company
Jennifer Brush, an award-wining dementia educator, will offer two classes at the Infinity Rehab Symposium:

  • Person-directed dementia care with Montessori for dementia
  • Spaced retrieval training

Jennifer Brush has made redesigning dementia care a career and provides amazing opportunities to make simple changes that have a huge impact on the population we serve. Come to Symposium to be inspired and learn useful speech-language therapy treatment ideas for a hugely underserved population in our communities.
Be the supervising mentor everyone wants to work with
Angie Quesnell, CCC-SLP & Brianne Salvati, OTR/L
ASHA now requires a minimum of two hours of professional development in the area of supervision for all SLP supervising students.
Get the most of the needed CEUs to supervise students and help grow the clinicians of our future! Check out this course presented by our very own Director of Professional Development Brianne Salvati, OTR/L, MOT and Regional SLP Mentor Angie Quesnell, MS, CCC-SLP, and learn how to make a difference in your supervision.
All these great courses and more are coming to you at the 2020 Infinity Rehab Symposium: Leading the Way!
Registration coming soon. Find the event on Facebook!

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