We love to hear from the people we treat! Below is an excerpt from an email Mike Billings, President of Infinity Rehab, received from an individual who received therapy from our team of therapists at Bend Transitional Care. As therapists, we know we’re impacting the life of each person we serve. But to hear how they’re doing after they leave our care, and even more to hear how they plan to put into action their regained abilities warms our hearts!

(After a total knee replacement), I stayed in the hospital an extra day and went directly to Bend Transitional Care for a week. I received Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, the latter daily and on a couple of occasions twice a week. I worked with a creative, motivating Physical Therapist and I found her a joy to work with.

The nursing staff, aides, transportation, were all friendly, helpful and encouraging to me.

My Physical Therapist here in Portland was very impressed when I walked in for my first appointment using only a cane. I was way ahead of where I had been at week 3 with my first total knee replacement.

Please convey my thanks to the entire staff for their part in my speedy recovery. I saw my Dr. last week and he assured me that I’m going to have a very good summer. My goal is the hiking trails on and around the Mt. Hood area and beyond!


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