Rose Villa Senior Living is delighted to be working with Infinity Rehab. Therapists, Jill, Lyn, and Jessica, serve the needs of the residents through collaboration with the staff members in our community. Therapy participation in the Transitions Meeting, Daily Stand Up, and Culture Change Committee brings invaluable insight to our team. They gather information from direct caregivers, and educate them, in return, to the benefit of residents. The partnership with the Rose Villa Restorative Aide is strong and extends the value of therapy for residents.
All the therapists are sensitive to the needs of the residents, respecting their rest and activities time. Jill works directly with vendors and insurance companies to provide the best possible seating options tailored to resident requirements. Lyn works and re-works hand orthotics to achieve functional but least intrusive appliances. Jessica respects the desire of residents to maintain eating food of normal consistency. All worked with the Rose Villa team to support the new dining program. They function and feel as if they are part of the Rose Villa staff and we are so glad they are here!
Submitted by:
Ellen Burns, DNS;
Kay Girsberger, NHA, Director of Health Services;
Rachel Rushing, Director of Social Services

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