Kim Warchol, occupational therapist and dementia expert, will speak at Infinity Rehab’s 15th annual Symposium.
She will dive into the occupational therapist’s role in functional cognitive assessments and interventions for those living with dementia and other limited cognitive abilities.
“I am excited to participate in Infinity Rehab’s educational program, and I applaud Infinity for choosing to empower their occupational therapists with a better understanding of their role in functional cognition,” Kim expressed.

What’s in it for occupational therapists

Find the distinction between occupational therapy and speech-language pathology when it comes to cognitive assessments and interventions. Kim will present a functional cognition framework to strengthen assessment results and enable therapists to confidently identify realistic goals, treatment interventions, and discharge recommendations.
“In the face of recent changes, including a significant increase in the number of clients served with cognitive challenges and the need for OT to demonstrate our value in PDPM, OTs must be able to raise their hands and express their expertise in functional cognition,” Kim stated.
She continued, “Those who are trained in functional cognitive assessment and intervention deserve a seat at the table as a vital member of the interdisciplinary team who is helping to knowledgably and skillfully impact the trajectory of their patients clinical and quality of life path.”
Occupational therapists will leave Kim’s session with a suggested assessment and intervention process for the long-term care field.

Get to know Kim Warchol

Kim, occupational therapist, is the founder and president of Dementia Care Specialists, a division of the Crisis Prevention Institute. She specializes in functional cognition, person-centered care, and dementia supportive environmental design.
Kim has shared her expertise with thousands of clinicians and other healthcare providers. She and her team have educated fellow therapists and professionals on functional cognitive assessment, intervention, habilitation, and non-pharmacological behavior intervention. She has also presented at the June 2019 AOTA PDPM Specialty Conference on the critical role of occupational therapy in functional cognition.
Kim lectured nationally, has produced several articles, and is passionate about fostering positive outcomes for those living with cognitive challenges.
Kim is an advocate for healthcare and clinicians everywhere. She was instrumental in the efforts leading to the 2001 CMS Memorandum prohibiting the denial of therapy services based solely on dementia diagnosis.
She has also helped establish several memory care communities using her innovative person-centered and abilities-focused care system.

A session just for occupational therapists

Kim is eager to share her expertise with Infinity Rehab occupational therapists.
“Thank you, Infinity Rehab, for providing your occupational therapists with this learning opportunity, and thank you for your commitment to facilitating the best outcomes possible for those clients you are privileged to serve,” Kim said. “I look forward to partnering with Infinity Rehab and their therapists as they embark on the critical learning journey of enhancing their functional cognition knowledge and skills.”
Sign up for her session specially for occupational therapists, Functional Cognitive Assessment and Intervention: A Critical Role for Occupational Therapy, at the 2020 Infinity Rehab Symposium.
Kim will speak on the first day of the weekend event, May 16 at 1:15 p.m. at the Red Lion Hotel in Portland, Oregon.
Registration coming soon!

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