Nursing is human. Nursing is all-encompassing. These are two words Avamere Vice President of Community-Based Care Clinical Operations, Melissa Bruce, uses to describe this humble profession.

Nursing is human

“At the core of nursing, it’s just taking care of people in the most compassionate, ethical, and loving way possible,” Melissa says.
As a nurse in the CBC world, Melissa can see patients and families she has worked with for years and build long-lasting relationships.
“I still have those family members that run up to me and give me a hug or the residents that I know that I need to go and talk to about their love for mid-century modern furniture.”
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Nursing is all-encompassing

Being in healthcare, nurses truly care about their patients and residents. They feel the frustration of experiencing a halt in progress, and they feel the grief of losing a loved one.
“I see on a daily basis what our nurses are doing out there,” Melissa says. “I see the things that they may think go unnoticed.”
Melissa notes that at times she and other leaders visit buildings when things aren’t always positive, but she wants all her nurses to know she appreciates them.
“We see the sacrifice, and we see how much they love our residents and grieve with our residents and with our family members … and that makes us who we are as a company.”
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Find the good

Melissa encourages fellow nurses to find the good in each day, no matter how small.
“Find those experiences, and remember them, and reflect on them daily,” she says. “We all have days where we feel like we’re not making enough of a difference or we’re not doing enough. But for our residents, our family members, and the Home Office team, those things are enough.”
Melissa also reminds nurses to offer themselves the same grace they offer their patients and the family members.
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Thank you

Thank you to all the dedicated nurses throughout the Avamere Family of Companies and the world. We truly appreciate all the time, dedication, and love you give your patients and fellow teammates.
Let’s recognize our amazing Avamere family nurses! Nominate a nurse here. We will honor some of these nominations on social media, our blog, and the Insider.
Happy National Nurses Week!

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