Hi. My name is Alissa Ferguson, and I’m a Therapy Aide for Infinity Rehab at Sullivan Park Care Center. I’d like to share with you what it is like working with Infinity Rehab:
It is a special rarity and privilege to look forward to work every morning, and even rarer still to be part of a truly progressive and thriving work community. That is exactly the experience I have enjoyed since being hired at Infinity Rehab. Uniquely set apart with its impeccable quality, efficiency, and value system, I consider it the highest honor to belong to a company of Infinity’s caliber. Not only is it the company’s philosophy to produce excellent work while genuinely valuing one another, but it creates the foundational basis of its culture and community. One of Infinity’s values states: “PASSION for the quality of people’s lives.” This is true for both the patients Infinity serves, AND the employees. I have never felt more valued and appreciated at a company, and I’m sure my coworkers could reiterate the same sentiment with their own experiences. While large in size, Infinity is able to accomplish the perks of a small business with incredibly efficient communication, numerous incentives, and personal recognition of quality work. I have never known or heard of a company caring for its employees and clients with more enthusiasm, which makes working for Infinity the greatest career choice I’ve ever made.
Alissa Ferguson, Therapy Aide
Sullivan Park Care Center

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