Hi Bob and Mike,
As you may know, today is my last day with Infinity Rehab. My husband is graduating from business school and we anxiously await to see what the future holds (a return to DC? A stay in Chicago? A move to the west coast?).
I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Carla Duyar. She was a welcomed role model of ethics and an always approachable and hugely supportive Area Director through my time with Infinity Rehab.
I am especially sad to end my time with Infinity. This is the first company where I felt saddened to resign. Infinity’s commitment to ethics, the accessibility of personnel at every level, the various resources it offers to its clinicians, and its continuous commitment to patient outcomes has highlighted everything I value and will look for in future companies (but I know will be hard to find). These shared values have solidified Infinity as my gold standard for rehab companies.
I hope Infinity continues to grow as it surely deserves. Furthermore, I hope that my path will cross once again with Infinity Rehab in the future.
Thank you and best wishes,
Caitlin Fritz, SLP

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