The Infinity Rehab sales team attended the Leading Age Minnesota conference February 4-5, 2020. The sales team regularly attends this annual conference, offering a chance for healthcare vendors and professionals to further their education, network, and learn about new products and innovations.

Booth featured a live demo

The Infinity Rehab sales team had an innovative approach to their vendor booth this year. Their booth featured a live demo, inviting attendees to experience their therapy techniques that are delivering outstanding clinical outcomes.

One of the demos featured was the sit-to-stand therapy technique. Repeated chair stands in therapy is an effective tool in therapy recovery, measuring and progressing patient functional strength foundation. In the booth, participants simulated this technique wearing a weighted vest. Through Infinity Rehab’s innovative approach with this therapy, clinics have seen reduced hospitalization rates and heightened patient engagement.

The second demo featured attendees testing their grip strength. Low grip strength in elders is a sign of overall frailty. By measuring grip strength and designing interventions to improve overall strength, Infinity Rehab has reduced patient rehospitalizations post-SNF discharge.


A successful conference

All in all, the two-day event proved to be successful with a record number of visitors to the Infinity Rehab booth.
“This was by far our most exciting and engaging trade show to date,” noted Keri Crompton, Director of Business Development for Infinity Rehab. “Our live demo really highlighted the difference between Infinity Rehab and other providers.”
To find out more about Infinity Rehab’s better patient outcomes, reduced hospitalization rates, and proprietary patient engagement model, please contact the sales team for more information.


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