Marta Szabo and Shaun Kisser are co-directors of rehab with Infinity Rehab at Josephine Caring Community. It was the first Infinity Rehab community that was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Josephine Caring Community has a large, busy therapy program. Unfortunately, most of the staff were exposed to COVID-19 and therefore, had to be quarantined. Marta was the only therapist not exposed or quarantined and continued to work in these difficult circumstances. Shaun refused to leave Marta alone and because he was feeling well, worked with her.
Between the two of them, they treated the entire therapy caseload for several weeks across all therapy disciplines. Their caseload included patients who tested positive for COVID-19. Then, staff slowly started to return from quarantine. It certainly wasn’t “business as normal,” and they would require additional training and guidance amidst the pandemic.
Marta and Shaun pioneered this guidance and training, working side-by-side with the nursing staff on best practices for the treating COVID-19 patients overall, identifying best rehab practices for COVID-19 patients, as well as how to conserve and best use PPE in the arena of a dwindling PPE supply.
They are also co-DORs at another community, Mira Vista, and continued to manage that site remotely, as they were unable to go onsite because of their exposure at Josephine Caring Community.
Their heroic efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic extended outside their communities. They joined a COVID-19 frontliners group and were early resources for Patty Scheets, Infinity Rehab Vice President of Quality and Clinical Outcomes, and the rest of the quality team to discover and develop best practices for all COVID-19 positive cases across Infinity Rehab. These best practices and protocols are currently being rolled out to the field.
Shaun and Marta have demonstrated unwavering courage, tenacity, and commitment to their patients, the building, and Infinity Rehab. While they might say they were simply remaining committed to their patients in this situation, they are heroes in our book.
To read more about other heroes of Infinity Rehab during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit their Facebook page.

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