Infinity Rehab, a therapy services company, further solidified their commitment to consistent delivery of best-evidence care for all patients by launching their new Clinical Academy. The goal of the Clinical Academy is to produce a cadre of field clinicians who can provide support to consistency in the Infinity Rehab care delivery model. It also enriches the expertise of each clinician, ensuring they are delivering the best care to our patients.

Meet Clinical Academy scholar Malerie Essner

Malerie Essner, a physical therapist at Chateau Girardeau in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is part of the inaugural class of Clinical Academy. Malerie applied to participate in the academy to learn more about Infinity’s clinical model.

Malerie notes, “I am driven by evidence-based research, so I was excited by an opportunity to be updated on the latest findings to improve patient outcomes. I also hoped that this opportunity would allow for professional development and networking.”

Because of her participation in Clinical Academy, Malerie has already been able to network with other therapists and leaders, which she is grateful for.

Virtual instruction during COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this first Clinical Academy is being conducted virtually. Through online meetings and chat, access to classes has been seamless. Sessions are also available to stream afterward in case a therapist cannot make a class. There are even breakroom rooms, where participants can network and learn in smaller groups.

Malerie thinks the virtual instruction is going well so far: “Everyone seems very well prepared and efficient with knowing how to present the information and keep everyone engaged as well.”

Building off of previous work

For Malerie, Clinical Academy is building off of her work as a level 2 Clinical Champion, another program offered by Infinity Rehab.  She feels Clinical Academy offers some more directed learning: “The Clinical Academy is more specific learning to be applied to daily interventions.”

Infinity Rehab has an established record of standardizing rehabilitation practices to ensure patient outcomes while providing mentorship and professional development opportunities for clinicians in developing expertise.  Follow the Infinity Rehab blog for more stories as we follow scholars through the first Clinical Academy.

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