Josha Moss, PTA, will be presented with the Enrichment of Life Award by the Oregon Health Care Association Awards Committee at the OHCA Annual Convention on September 15, 2015 at the Oregon Convention Center.

According to her co-workers and the patients she helps every day at Cascade Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation, Josha Moss, Physical Therapist Assistant, is a consistent source of inspiration, fun, and positivity. Josha, an Infinity Rehab employee, assists in helping patients achieve health care goals after suffering from an illness or injury.

“Josha has done some pretty amazing things for our patients in the last few years,” says Brandy Hoffert, PT, Director of Rehab. “Recently, she made a movie, Bob the Detective and the Case of the Bad Joke Teller. She included many patients, the entire Infinity Rehab therapy staff and most of the building staff in the movie. She premiered the movie a few months ago and has had many showings. It was a huge hit with everyone!”

“We had a patient who was talking about her boyfriend of 35 years, and she mentioned to Josha that she wanted to get better because she thought she should propose to him,” says Amanda Pearlman, Administrator. “That’s all Josha needed. Josha and the Infinity Rehab therapy team worked with and encouraged the patient during therapy sessions to focus on the goal of walking down the aisle.”

Josha took on the task of actually planning the wedding and getting everything ready from decorating the dining room, hiring professional photographers, securing a wedding cake, and finding the perfect wedding dress. “I am positive the prospect of the wedding is what motivated the patient to participate and meet her goals in therapy. Josha officiated the ceremony and made the patient’s dreams come true!”

These are just a few examples of what Josha has done for the patients at Cascade Terrace and her Infinity Rehab co-workers. Outside of the therapy gym, Josha is an avid rock climber and was recently certified in rock climbing through the Mazamas after passing a 9 month program. She has taken multiple therapists and friends on hikes with her. She enjoys showing slide shows of her rock climbing adventures with the patients at Cascade Terrace.

“When Josha started with Infinity Rehab in 2007 as a new graduate from Mt. Hood Community College, she was a little shy,” says Brandy. “But, as her confidence grew, she has become one of the strongest therapists that I have ever worked with.  She comes up with creative ways to work with patients and has become well known with other therapists because of the 3-D picture puzzles that she creates to use in therapy sessions with patients.”

Please join us in congratulating Josha for exemplifying the Infinity Rehab mission to enhance the life of every person we serve!

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