Telehealth opportunity in California

Nestled between mountain views is Shasta View Nursing Center, a skilled nursing community in Weed, California. Infinity Rehab staff work with seniors following injury or illness to help them gain strength, independence, and return to wherever they call home.
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is at the forefront of how care is delivered to our patients. Thankfully, Infinity Rehab is prepared for this sweeping shift in the delivery of care for patients.

Infinity Rehab is primed to work with patients using telehealth

Our team has rich experience in telehealth, primed to help our patients continue their therapy journey at a distance.

  • Award for pioneering telehealth in physical therapy in 2012
  • Local and national presentations
  • Telehealth advocacy
  • Clinical mentorships through telehealth

Our clinicians follow an evidence-based clinical model to help patients meet their therapy goals. Under this model, our therapists focus on:

  • Tailoring care to patient needs
  • Leading high-intensity sessions
  • Helping patients manage their therapy journey
  • Maintaining strength and preventing fallbacks

Apply now for this telehealth opportunity

Shasta View Medical Center is a busy community with 19-22 Med A patients on average.
Join the irresistible culture of Infinity Rehab as a physical therapist! For this position, you must have experience working in a skilled nursing facility. You must also have key characteristics we have identified to be a successful telehealth therapist.
Infinity Rehab is proud of their trademark clinical model. The ideal applicant will be able to adopt and implement our clinical model quickly and seamlessly.
Additional responsibilities include completing evaluations with a “presenter” with patients and supervising two physical therapy assistants.
Join our team! Contact Director of Recruiting, Cindy Lech, for details.
*Update: As of August 13, 2020, this position has been filled. Look for more telehealth opportunities soon!

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