Our Infinity Rehab team at Willowbrook Terrace in Pendleton, Oregon participated this month in the Pendleton 4th of July parade. This is the second year that Willowbrook Terrace has participated. The team made a key change to their participation this year. They were able to enlist the help of residents of Willowbrook Terrace.

Getting the residents at Willowbrook Terrace involved

Last year, the Infinity Rehab team decorated a float and had team members toss candy to the children while residents watched. This year, 8 residents joined the team members and they were pushed  in their wheelchairs and were active participants. One of our residents rode inside the vehicle that was used to pull the float and waved to all the people present.
The residents handed out American flags to the children sitting on the sides of the parade route. On the float, the administrator, DNS, a handful of CNA’s, family, and friends threw candy to the children. The Willowbrook Terrace managers had the day off, but many of them came down to participate and make it a great day for the community and residents.

Infinity Rehab DOR cites the parade a success

Saundra Steele, COTA/L and Director of Rehabilitation at Willowbrook Terrace, was a key helper in the event. The local newspaper captured a picture of the resident she was pushing and published it on their front page.
Willowbrook Terrace won first place for business and commerce in the parade, which is a great honor considering the high number of businesses participating. While the recognition is an honor, it was more important to the team that the residents and community had enjoyed the efforts.  “The energy and excitement that I felt while participating was unforgettable. We are looking forward to next year’s parade!” exclaimed Saundra.

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