Infinity Rehab agrees that aging is both mental and physical. The body is constantly changing: metabolism, collagen levels (which helps with skin elasticity), and even energy levels. Emotions can come along with this too as we adjust to these changes.
Keep your mind and body top-notch. Here are four easy tips for men’s health.

  1. Get a prostate exam

No one likes to do it, but your body will thank you! The American Urological Association recommends screening for prostate cancer between ages 55 and 70. You can reduce your chances of prostate cancer by exercising and eating fruits and veggies with lots of antioxidants. Talk to your doctor about getting a screening and steps to prevent prostate cancer.

  1. Watch your testosterone levels

Testosterone is important for a man’s muscle mass, mental and physical energy, and even sex drive. A doctor can diagnose Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome with a simple blood test. Ask your doctor about your testosterone levels if you experience depression, difficulty concentrating, or increased body fat. Your doctor can help you get your testosterone back to a healthy level.

  1. Eat your veggies

Keep your heart happy and healthy by lowering your risk for heart disease. Limit salt in your diet, eat foods low in cholesterol, and of course, eat your veggies.

  1. Have regular checkups, even if you feel OK

This goes for everyone – men and women! Keep your health a top priority by meeting with your doctor for regular checkups. Talk about nutritious food choices and how you can keep your mind and body active.
Let’s embrace our aging bodies. It’s a sign of a life well-lived. Talk to your doctor about ways to help keep your body and mind active and healthy as you enjoy your life with those you love most.
*Before beginning any exercise or diet regimen, consult your doctor.

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