With the exciting news that two of our therapists – Alison Scheiderer, OT, and Morris Canda, PTA, from Cristwood Rehab and Nursing in Shoreline, WA – completed the Seattle Marathon together in 4 hours and 3 minutes, we decided it would be a good time to revisit with some members of the Infinity Rehab/ North Lake PT Endurance team to see how they fared over the previous months of races and challenges.
For context, see this article posted back in June 2011: https://infinityrehab.com/blog/2011/06/15/infinity-rehab-north-lake-pt-endurance-team-a-model-of-wellness/
Thomas Bonn, PT: “After training for several months, Infinity Rehab President Michael Billings, PT, and I hopped on our road bikes along with Ron Odermott of Avamere Health Services and his wife, Hillary. We pedaled for 12 hours from the University of Washington in Seattle to downtown Portland, OR for a total of 204 miles. A few weeks later Mike and I took on another adventure, this time a little more wild. We joined a few other guys including Michael Choate of North Lake PT to spend four days on our mountain bikes to circumnavigate Mt. Hood on a variety of single-track trails, dirt roads and a few public roads. The route took us approximately 200 miles climbing 20,000 feet to numerous breathtaking views of the mountain and several huts along the way that were well-stocked with food and cold drinks.
These adventures were very challenging and required a fair amount of training, but also gave us some great time to build friendships with planning, training together, overcoming a few mechanical issues and having a lot of laughs. I was able to accomplish distances and challenges I never thought I could do and had fun doing it. I’m considering trying adventure racing next year.”
Bill Lane, OT: “Being a part of the Endurance Team was a great experience. It helped me stay on track and gain a better sense of team work. My two favorite events of the year were the 24 hours of Moab in Utah and the High Cascades 24 in Oregon. Both were 24 hour, 4-man team mountain bike relays.
The experience of these races will stay with me forever. The challenges, hardships and perseverance have created lasting friends and memories. I am planning to attempt a 24 hour solo mountain bike race next year. Keeping my fingers crossed to live through the training!”
Vickie Schweizer, Director of Payroll/Benefits: “My biggest accomplishments were the Wild Canyon Games, Warrior Dash and the Run Like Hell 10K event. I ended up participating in about six events over the course of the year with the latest event being a Turkey Trot trail run with my daughter in Kalamazoo, MI. Wild Canyon Games was the most challenging trying to bike through 15 miles of back country, doing an adventure course on ropes, and a single track race over the course of a weekend. Warrior Dash was the fun but dirty one. The last part of the event takes you over three fire pits (!) then through mud up to your neck as you find your way under barbed wire. It was a great time.”
Leah Wilsey, PTA: “This was a challenging race/run year for me, but very fun!
Marathons for this past year: Wasatch Back Marathon in Utah (June), Park City in Utah with Jennifer Lo, OT, (August), and the Philadelphia Marathon in November. Myself, Bill Lane and Jennifer Lo also did the team relay through the Tetons in September. I’m not sure I achieved my goals of improving my times for my marathons, but I definitely have improved my overall endurance levels!
For next year I plan to do a 50K in Boise with Heather Ramsdell, PT, (January), Big Sur Marathon in California (April) also with Heather and then a 50 miler in June in Boise again with Heather! It will be a packed year again for running, but hope to continue to focus on cross training and hopefully improve my times!? If not, it is just as exciting to be a part of a fun race community.”

Angus Brown, Regional Sales Director: “I competed in several events this year while sporting my Infinity Rehab/ North Lake PT Endurance Team gear. Most notably were the Shamrock 15k in March, Hood To Coast, Warrior Dash and Run Like Hell Half Marathon. I placed in the top 100 for the Run Like Hell out of almost 1,100 runners. I’m very pleased with the results of that race.
Next year I will add the Cascade Lakes Relay as well as an additional half marathon. I intend to train even harder and become lighter for these races and beat my own Personal Records.”
It sounds like all the members of the Infinity Rehab/ North Lake PT Endurance Team had a lot of fun participating in some challenging events this year. We’re excited to watch them push the limits of their endurance and continue to achieve the goals they’ve made for themselves into next year and beyond!

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