Infinity Rehab was named “Business Partner of the Year” by the 2011 Oregon Health Care Association, the state’s largest association of providers of skilled nursing, assisted living, and senior housing services. “This is a great honor to have and a testament of our dedication to upholding our integrity, continual innovation, and exemplary service for our business partners,” said Mike Billings, President of Infinity Rehab. Below is an excerpt from the OHCA awards ceremony:

“Infinity Rehab continuously demonstrates dedication and commitment to the facilities and communities that they serve. The exceptionally qualified staff makes the difference by combining skill, practical expertise and a motivating attitude that results in positive outcomes and newfound hope for residents & families. Infinity Rehab’s superior caring services far exceed expectations and repeatedly contribute to the success of their patients. This in turn, facilitates hope and ultimately the transition to a better quality of life.

They are consistently scoring high marks on satisfaction surveys, receiving positive feedback and recommendations from residents and their families. There is almost weekly feedback from residents & families who rate the quality of services as “phenomenal” and “unsurpassed”. Infinity Rehab works above and beyond their duties as a contracted service provider. Each member of their team has a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.”

Infinity was nominated for this award by several letters from customer facilities, most specifically West Hills rehab, who named Sarah Shearer Smith, Senior Director of Rehab and her team of professional therapists.

We want to thank Sarah, the therapists at West Hills, and all of our therapists who work each day to improve the lives of our patients, our customers and our co-workers. You are all winners!

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