Infinity Rehab, a therapy and rehab services company, is excited to announce a new leadership position within their team, the senior therapist. Approximately 70 senior therapist positions will be initially offered.

Details of the position

This clinical leadership position is open to therapists of all disciplines: physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. The senior therapist at Infinity Rehab is responsible for the value of rehabilitation care provided to the patients under their care, as well as reviewing the care delivered by others. They are also responsible for a host of other job functions, including operational performance, peer development, and quality assurance.

They couple this knowledge with data-driven decision making to maximize the patients’ outcome while managing cost.  They fully embrace the Infinity Rehab Clinical Model and evidence-based standards of care and provide guidance in applying these principles with complex patients.  The senior therapist provides direct patient care, spends time reviewing the care delivered by others, determines the frequency and duration of services, and actively manages patient cases both on-site and remotely.  The person in this role takes initiative with communicating with all members of the interprofessional team and engages with a sense of urgency in all aspects of the clinical process.

Aligning with new mission and vision

This new position at Infinity Rehab supports the efforts behind their bold new mission and vision announced in October 2021. A core part of the mission statement is to “set the standard in rehabilitation.” The senior therapist will play a critical role in the delivery of care, both by themselves and therapists on their team, thus directly impacting the high standard of care that Infinity Rehab strives to deliver.

Development and career path guidance

Infinity Rehab has always prided themselves on a strong professional development program for employees, as well as offering management and clinical career pathways suited to their discipline. Infinity Rehab continues to work toward an irresistible culture that inspires individuals to grow as leaders, clinicians, and innovators; advancement of clinical careers is encouraged and supported.

Ready to join our team?

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