Infinity Rehab accepted over 120 students in six states this year for clinical internships! Maxwell Perkins, MS, OTR, Director of Clinical Services, says this speaks volumes about Infinity Rehab’s commitment to our therapists and their education. “Continuing education for our therapists is a cornerstone to how Infinity Rehab operates. Student internships are the beginning of that high level of professional education we provide.” Infinity Rehab has contracts with approximately 75 universities throughout the U.S. These clinical internships include PT, OT, PTA, OTA and SLP. We offer skilled nursing and rehab clinical internships as well as outpatient – all targeted at rehab therapy services for a geriatric population.

The goal of our clinical internship program is to provide students with an excellent learning experience by leveraging the clinical focus and resources of Infinity Rehab. At the start of the internship, each student receives a comprehensive Student Resources Manual, which contains a wealth of information that serves as a reference guide for not only the duration of the student internship, but well into their professional therapy career. The content contained in the packets range from cognition tests that can be performed with patients to therapy product reviews – with the majority of the content being written by Infinity Rehab therapists.

The internship is a time for the student to grow as a therapist and to experience how professional therapists present themselves in a clinical setting. A high percentage of students that enter our internship program end up starting their career’s with Infinity Rehab after graduation. Perkins sees that as a major positive for us. “The clinical internship program is a great asset for Infinity Rehab because bringing all this new talent into our ranks really keeps us fresh and on our toes with what’s happening in the therapy world.”

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