We know how important mentorship is for new clinicians. That’s why Infinity Rehab offers a mentorship program, DIG into Mentorship, for all new graduate clinicians joining their team or for those who want a little extra help.

DIG stands for direction, influence, and guidance – three things mentors aim to provide their mentees through this program. DIG into Mentorship provides a strong clinical foundation. The program aligns with Infinity Rehab’s pursuit to provide exceptional quality, value, and patient and customer experience, as well as creating a culture that inspires employees to grow as leaders.

“DIG into Mentorship provides a safe foundation to grow professionally and as leaders, as well as encourages clinicians to invest in future possibilities,” said Angie Quesnell, program lead and Regional SLP Mentor for Infinity Rehab.

A path for all clinicians

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Your mentorship path as an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech-language pathologist is unique to your profession.
That’s why our DIG into Mentorship program offers three different paths for each discipline. Each path comes with your own discipline-specific checklist so you can build the skills you need to be an outstanding clinician.
The program is 12 weeks for OTs and PTs and nine months for SLPs.

A true commitment

Mentorship requires commitment from both the mentor and mentee. Together they must:

  • Exemplify effective traits and skills
  • Promote self-awareness and value-based qualities
  • Facilitate success and aim to provide a lasting value

Deborah Lieberman, MHSA, OTR/L and the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Director of Evidence-Based Practice has a philosophy that good mentorship leads to a better profession because it increases the fleet of strong, prepared professionals.
That’s what we strive to do for our Infinity Rehab clinicians. We hope to foster resilient professionals in both our mentors and our mentees, creating a strong team of clinicians.

Apply today

We encourage clinicians new to our team to apply to become a part of our DIG into Mentorship program. Reach out to your area rehab director or email us to find out more!

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