Over the 13 years that Infinity Rehab has been in operation, the company has donated to a multitude of causes and organizations; ranging from local food banks, woman’s shelters and State Healthcare Associations. Mike Billings, PT, MS, CEEAA, President of Infinity Rehab, says it typically boils down to the employees own charitable motivations when it comes to giving. “We’ve donated over $13,000 to the Alzheimer’s Association over the past 4 to 5 years … often on behalf of our employees or clients.”
Cultivating and promoting a spirit of giving is rooted in the values of Infinity Rehab. “Integrity above all else” and “Passion for the quality of people’s lives” were written into the company’s values over a decade ago. As the organization expanded rapidly from a small group of therapy departments in Northern Oregon to becoming a leader of sub-acute rehab services in ten states, it became imperative to identify creative ways to continue its philanthropic mission.
During the Holiday season, Infinity Rehab employees have the opportunity to choose between receiving a gift, or making a donation to a charity. According to Holly Kandra, MPH, SPHR, Director of Human Resources, a large percentage of the 1,600 employees typically choose to make a donation. “It is heartening to see those figures, to know that our therapists are so willing to give back to the communities they serve,” says Kandra.
“We are a consistent sponsor for our State Associations’ educational offerings, as well as on behalf of our clients who raise funds for special projects, capital improvements, and charity care.” says Donna Mueller, Vice President of Business Development. Mueller estimates in-kind donations from Infinity Rehab total $45,000 annually. This includes training services provided to client facilities and materials purchased for charitable events. Mueller also noted that in lieu of giving gifts to clients, a donation to a charity is made in the client’s name.
The continual desire to give back – whether it is in-kind, or a donation made on behalf of an employee or client – has strengthened the bond of Infinity Rehab to each community it provides therapy services. Billings feels that this bond is exactly why the spirit of giving is so persistent amongst the company’s therapists.
“None of us would be in this industry if we didn’t deeply care about those we serve. As an organization we contribute to the industry on a daily basis through the actions of our professional associates. However, our organization is made up of individuals with the desire to volunteer and contribute philanthropically.”

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