Infinity Rehab has many therapists who are veterans! We are taking a moment on Veterans Day to highlight a few of them and thank them for their service. 

Timber Anderson, PRN 

“I am an OTA working PRN in home health and skilled nursing facilities. I grew up in MN and joined the Army National Guard in 2006. I was later deployed to Kuwait in 2011-2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After my deployment I moved to San Diego, CA where I obtained my associate’s degree in occupational therapy, and after 4 years made my way up to Seattle, WA with my daughter and significant other where we currently reside in Mukilteo.” 

Cindiman Pinneke, Sunshine Gardens 

Cindiman is the Outpatient Clinic Director in Durango, Colorado at Sunshine Gardens. We would like to thank her for her service in the National Guard. Cindiman has been with Infinity for 8 years and is a strong advocate for her clients and her profession. She is very involved within her facility collaborating with staff, residents, and family members to achieve the best possible therapy outcomes so her clients can remain active in their community. Thanks, Cindiman, for your service! 

Alexis Stewart, Ovation Sienna Hills 

Alexis is the Wellness Director in Washington, Utah at Ovation Sienna Hills. Alexis oversees Infinity Rehab’s inaugural wellness program for the residents in her community. She recently finished her master’s degree in exercise science, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through ACSM and an Emergency Medical Technician through NREMT. Alexis served 4 years as an active-duty medic in the United States Air Force. Since moving to St. George, Utah she has transferred into the United States Air Force Reserves to continue to pursue a career in exercise performance, health, and wellness. She strives towards self-improvement and continuing education and is in the Space Studies Master’s program through the University of North Dakota. Alexis goes out of her way to welcome new residents and get them involved in exercise classes that inspire and invigorate them. Alexis, we are proud of your service! 

Blake Carson, Bothell Health Care 

Blake Carson, PTA, spent 12 years in the United States Navy. He worked as an engineering laboratory technician and propulsion plant mechanic. Blake operated and maintained the nuclear propulsion plant on ballistic missile submarines on both east and west coasts.   

Blake now enthusiastically and wholeheartedly devotes his time to his patients and to the buildings he works for by providing optimal physical therapy and ensuring that all aspects of care are provided to the patients with utmost quality. His philosophy of consistent hard work, relentless energy, and his enthusiasm radiates throughout the rehab department and Bothell Health Care facility. We are all grateful for his services and devotion to his patients and to his work ethic.   

Christopher Smith, Bothell Health Care 

Christopher Smith, PT, spent 4 years in the Marine Corps from 1989-1993. He served as a Combat Engineer and Marine Combat Instructor. He was stationed in Okinawa, Japan from 1990- 1991 for water survival and stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA from 1991-1993. Chris was involved in Operation Restore Hope in Mogadishu, Somalia. He was also involved in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait.   

Christopher now works hard providing top-notch physical therapy services to his patients in a multi-disciplinary team environment at Bothell Health Care. His leadership skills and teamwork skills shine in the therapy field. His confidence and enthusiasm emanate throughout the building on every workday.  We are all grateful for his devotion and his services in the medical field and beyond.    

Jeff Brooks, Rockwood South Hill and Rockwood Hawthorne 

Jeff Brooks is a PT and level 3 Clinical Champion. He served in the Navy from 1985-1991, USS Richard B Russell, SSN-687, Mare Island Naval Base, CA. He was a nuclear plant mechanical operator. He is Submarine Warfare qualified (SS). His honors include: Presidential unit citation (2), Naval unit commendation (3), and others. He was second in class at Naval Nuclear Power School. He was one of two promoted to first class petty officer in three years (usually five to six years) in 1988. He finished as a Machinist Mate First Class, MM1 (SS). He notably oversaw Cold War surveillance operations off the east coast of the Soviet Union. 

Timothy Lanz, PRN Staff 

“I enlisted in the Oregon Air National Guard in June 1999 and attended Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX from September 1999 to October 1999. I then completed Basic Electronics Training at Lackland AFB, TX from October 1999 to February 2000, with follow on training at Satellite and Wideband Systems training at Fort Gordon, GA from February to June of 2000. I have served in three squadrons, most recently the 116th Air Control Squadron since October 2007. I have deployed to the Middle East four times since September 11, 2001 in support of the Global War on Terror. I am currently a supervisor in the Radio Frequency Transmission Systems shop at the 116th. I have most recently been activated by the Governor of the State of Oregon to support the hospitals in response to the current healthcare crisis caused by the global, COVID-19 pandemic. I am serving in the leadership team at Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. 

On the civilian side, I graduated from the University of Oregon with my Masters in Communication Disorders and Sciences in June 2009, and have worked for Infinity Rehab since that time. I spent my first year assigned to Regency of Albany and Timberview Care Center and transferred after that to Creswell Health and Rehab and Coast Fork Nursing Center where I was the program SLP until August of this year when I transitioned to the PRN staff. 

On a personal note, I would like to offer the following addition to Infinity’s leadership. It is often observed that the typical guardsman is like a Swiss Army Knife — you get a multi-tool that draws on different military and civilian experiences to solve a multitude of complex problem. My 12 full-time years with Infinity Rehab as given me a depth of general medical knowledge and healthcare experience that has uniquely prepared me for my current assignment. Thanks to this company, I have been able to provide my officers, who are not medically trained, with a deeper insight into hospital policies and requests and to provide them with sound advice in the management of our soldiers and airmen to mee the mission. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to gain that experience.” 

We honor all veterans who have served our country, and we respect individual preferences about public recognition of service. If you are an Infinity employee who is a veteran who would like to add your consent to be recognized, please contact so that we add your preference to our records. 

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