Clinicians and teams across Infinity Rehab and more gathered together to network, learn, and celebrate at one exciting event in Portland, Oregon.
During this event, attendees took a moment to honor longtime employees and veterans.

Celebrating work anniversaries

Several Infinity Rehab team members are celebrating great work anniversary milestones this year. Thank you for your dedication!
10 years with Infinity Rehab

  • Dayna Bailey
  • Suzanne Benorden
  • Sarah Caron
  • Julianne Cooper
  • Margaret Edmonds
  • Michelle Fisher
  • Angela Greer
  • Sian Haworth-Liu
  • Nelson Henriquez
  • Anne Herrick
  • Tyler Keeter
  • Timothy Lanz
  • Jennifer Lo
  • Jeanette Miller
  • Sara Pisan
  • Angie Quesnell
  • Neala Sheehy
  • Carolyn Staples
  • Brenda Thosath

15 years with Infinity Rehab

  • James Chaney
  • Maryann Funk
  • Ursula Furst-Holzhuber
  • Vickie Greiner
  • Paul Kelly
  • Kanchan Saitawdekar
  • Lorelei Todd
  • Nicole Tognoli
  • Taunya Wachter

20 years with Infinity Rehab
Thank you to our fabulous team members who have been with us since day one!

  • Joan Brassfield
  • Barbara Lane
  • Mindy Reid
  • Andrea Toye

And thank you to these three men who started with Infinity Rehab and now work with our partner company, Avamere.

  • Bob Thomas
  • Mike Billings
  • Tim Esau


Thank you to our vets

Thank you to all our veterans throughout Infinity Rehab! While this is not a comprehensive list, we encourage veterans to update Ultripro with their military service.

  • Timber Anderson
  • Daniel Arreola
  • Jeffery Brooks
  • Chelsea Brown
  • Blake Carson
  • Stephen Hackney
  • Phillip Haga
  • Michael Fischer
  • Kathleen Hagen
  • Timothy Lanz
  • Stacia Lee
  • Joshua Peregoy
  • Cindiman Pinneke
  • Richard Poirier
  • Christopher Smith


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