2012: Year in Review
2011 ended in a flurry of Medicare and other regulatory changes that posed many challenges to rehab companies and created a lot of uncertainty heading into 2012. Because of the efforts of Infinity Rehab’s therapists, leadership team and home office staff, 2012 was a very successful year for the company. Infinity Rehab was able to accomplish some amazing things.
Clinical Outcomes
There were countless patient outcome success stories as evidenced by the numerous letters from patients, family members, customers, and peers received on a weekly basis as well as newspaper and television coverage of many programs. Infinity therapists provided 1.2 million treatment visits – an all-time company record.
Patient Satisfaction Surveys
94% of patients surveyed after discharge said they “Would recommend an Infinity therapy department to a friend.” Our goal for 2012 was 93%.
Award for Innovation
Infinity Rehab was the recipient of the Award for Innovation from the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies for our work with telehealth in Washington State. To our knowledge, Infinity Rehab is the only contract rehab company in the country utilizing this technology to ensure compliance and quality of care in the SNF setting.
Infinity Rehab’s business development team had a successful year bringing on 39 new contracts. We now operate 166 contracts in nine states.
The recruitment department was extremely busy keeping up with the growth of the company and hired 923 new therapists. Infinity now employs a total of 1,829 therapists, including full-time, part-time, and on-call.
Employee Satisfaction
The employee satisfaction survey revealed a 98.3% positive response to “Would recommend Infinity Rehab to a friend.” Our target was 97%.
Therapy Solutions
Therapy Solutions, the temporary staffing division of Infinity Rehab, made a lot of changes in 2012, including moving their headquarters from Seattle, WA to Wilsonville, OR, and had a very successful year. They provided travel assignments for many therapists at multiple sites around the country and now staff on a regular basis many schools, SNFs, and hospitals. Therapy Solutions anticipates further growth in 2013.
2013: Looking Forward
Like the start of 2012, 2013 is starting under the same storm of regulatory and reimbursement challenges. This again will present uncertainties for rehab companies, but Infinity Rehab is up to the challenge. Here are a few of our focus areas:
We have designed many initiatives this year to further enhance employee engagement in the organization and improve company transparency, including revised training programs for our Directors of Rehab and more professional growth mentoring for all therapists.
One of our goals is to implement new functional outcome systems for all inpatient and outpatient sites. We currently track functional outcomes, but this will give us even better tools for tracking the data hospitals and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will require.
We experienced strong growth in 2012 and expect the same in 2013.
Healthcare is moving towards a model that will require healthcare companies to serve more patients, at less cost to the system, while achieving even better clinical outcomes.
2013 is likely to bring more challenges as the US Congress addresses deficit reduction and controlling Medicare and Medicaid costs. However, Infinity Rehab is well positioned for 2013 and poised for another successful year.
Mike Billings, PT, MS, CEEAA

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