Active Aging Week, which is organized by the International Council on Active Aging, took
place across the nation during September 23-27. This event is a time to to highlight the diverse opportunities for older adults to stay active, healthy, and engaged in a fun and educational atmosphere. The theme this year was ‘Discover your Community.’

How Infinity Rehab participated in this terrific event:

1.     Organized a group walk with residents to the local Starbucks where all received a free cup of java. The walk included crossing a busy intersection at a traffic light – so the therapist was able to educate residents on safety in the cross walk – it also provided an opportunity for residents to be supervised on a walk out into the community when they may not have had the confidence to do it on their own. We were able to prove to many that they could in fact do this on their own now.
2.    Conducted a game of Jeopardy with residents with questions covering topics related to the aging adult – healthy heart, balance, falls, etc.
3.    Contacted local grocery chains and had them create product-aisle identification maps allowing for easier shopping for the older adult
4.    Multiple lectures were held over the week in the communities focusing on health and wellness of the older adult

We are looking forward to next year’s Active Aging Week. And as always, we continually strive to enhance the life of every person we serve. What are some other fun ways to encourage older adults to stay active, healthy, and engaged?

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