A glowing patient testimonial 

To Infinity Rehab and their service Infinity Rehab at Home, they understand the value of a positive patient testimonial. At Infinity Rehab, therapy is about outstanding patient outcomes and happy customers. The team of clinicians work diligently for patient satisfaction, and it shows in the glowing comments received from therapy recipients. 

Here’s what one Infinity Rehab patient had to say about their experience with Infinity Rehab at Home. 

“Having the OT and PT here at home with Infinity Rehab has been very beneficial for my husband. My husband had a stroke and his activities were very limited. The therapists are very professional, compassionate and willing to try a variety of techniques if something isn’t helping him progress. He now has more movement in his leg, is able to pull himself up to standing with minimal support, and is able to put on shirts, jackets, and shorts by himself. Infinity has been the answer for us after other frustrating experiences with therapy. It isn’t just the convenience of therapy at home, but my husband seems to be more comfortable, and therefore, more motivated and focused at home. The consistency of therapists, I believe, is helping him progress rapidly.” – Joyce Dinslage 

More about Infinity Rehab at Home 

Infinity Rehab at Home provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in the comfort of patients’ homes. The program is flexible and can assist patients at all points on their rehabilitation journey in the convenience of their home. Infinity Rehab, a pioneer in telehealth, gives patients the option for virtual home services too.  

Infinity Rehab at Home fills the gap when patients transition between various care settings. Additionally, patients that don’t qualify for home health services can take advantage of therapy services provided by Infinity Rehab at Home. 

Schedule an appointment now 

Scheduling infusion therapy is as easy as a phone call. Reach Infinity Rehab at Home at 971-364-0611. Download our helpful flyer for more information. 

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