Many of our team members had a blast at the 2019 Infinity Rehab Symposium! Here are the top moments from the event:

1. Bob and Mike reenacting Infinity Rehab in 1999

Bob Thomas and Mike Billings helped start Infinity Rehab back in 1999. Now 20 years later, they gave a glimpse into what it was like.

Find out more about Infinity Rehab’s beginnings here.

2. The premiere of Infinity’s Can’t Stop the Feeling video

Symposium was a time of celebration. Infinity Rehab achieved outstanding clinical outcomes, was named a Great Place to Work, and is celebrating 20 years!
We can’t stop the feeling! See for yourself:


3. This girl’s excitement for winning a prize

Symposium organizers and vendors gave away prizes throughout the day on Saturday, May 4. One of the winners couldn’t hold in her excitement!


4. The giant Derek heads

Derek Fenwick, Senior Director of Human Resources for Infinity Rehab, has helped with the Symposium event for the last five years, assisting in planning for the last two. This year, he led the planning efforts, but humbly gives all thanks to his team.

“It is such a team effort at the highest levels,” he said.
In honor of Derek, team members created several fan faces of him that attendees raised up throughout the crowd. Of course, they put Derek’s face on the stage for the rest of the night.

5. Building clinical skills

The main purpose of the annual Symposium is to learn and network with fellow clinicians.

This year’s courses included Leadership Skills for the Front-Line Employee, How You Can Be Successful Under PDPM, Becoming a Simply Irresistible Organization: One Year Later, and so much more.

Among the many highly-educated speakers from the Infinity Rehab team, Ellen Strunk, President of Rehab Resources & Consulting, helped lead the PDPM course on Sunday, May 5.
Ellen has over 27 years of experience as a physical therapist and is certified in healthcare compliance, exercise for aging adults, and geriatrics.
Infinity Rehab is proud to have welcomed Ellen to present at this year’s Symposium.

7. A thankful patient visits

An Infinity Rehab patient visited to draw a name for a prize during the Symposium event. His daughter, Karen Shawe, stood next to him. As the President and Co-Founder of Neuro Puzzles, their basket included a puzzle, snacks, and a book – goodies that are good for the brain, as Karen said.
Karen took her opportunity at the mic to personally thank the Infinity Rehab team.
“Thank you, Infinity, for your dedication to value,” she said.

7. Honoring Katie Walker

The Katie Walker Award was created in 2008 to recognize an exceptional DOR/OPCD that impacts patient care, rehab team members, and communities in a unique and significant way.
This award honors Katie, who was a physical therapist at St. Francis Healthcare in Bellingham, Washington for 10 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 that unfortunately progressed to brain cancer in 2008.

Katie treated her patients as long as she was able, up until two days before peacefully passing away at home on July 2, 2008.
This year’s award winner is Erica Goldsmith, DOR at Avamere Rehabilitation of King City. Congratulations, Erica!

8. Remembering the Nebraska flood

In March 2019, the citizens of North Bend, Nebraska found themselves in the midst of a flood. They were forced to leave their homes with a mandatory evacuation only to return to find many of their homes, belongings, and town destroyed.

Melissa Brackle, DOR at Birchwood Manor in North Bend, Nebraska, as well as many of her team members, stepped in to help the residents in this great time of need.
In addition to checking on her residents, Melissa also helped care for other families who evacuated to her mother’s home. A total of 26 people called this their home while they waited out the flood.
Melissa was awarded the Humanitarian award at Symposium for her kind efforts in serving her community.

Read her open, honest experience of the Nebraska flood here.

9. Derek Fenwick passing on the bandana

Derek Fenwick recently transitioned from the director of professional development to his new role in HR. He took the opportunity to formally pass his role to Brianne “Bre” Salvati, who is assuming his previous role.

And of course, he had to give her the proper swag – his infamous Infinity green headband and wrist bands made of pre-wrap.

10. The amazing party

As we can see from the Can’t Stop the Feeling video, Infinity Rehab team members really know how to dance! During the Symposium celebration, attendees danced, played games, and snapped photos at the photobooth.


Thank you for another amazing Symposium

Thank you to this year’s event organizers and attendees – you truly made this event one to remember. Let’s take this feeling throughout the rest of the year as we continue to serve our patients and fellow team members!

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