As a new occupational therapist graduate, I was so excited to begin my career working for a “big name” rehab company, one that almost everyone in the therapy world had heard of. I was looking forward to having a corporate support system and strong clinical support. Unfortunately, I very quickly realized that this was not at all what I had gotten myself into. Instead, I was being sent back and forth between multiple buildings completing evaluations and supervisory visits with no further mention of the “mentor” I had once been promised.
A few years later, I was introduced to Infinity Rehab when an opportunity arose to come aboard as an on-call OTR. Infinity was new to our area, so I began to research the company. From the outside, Infinity sounded nearly perfect. Thus, I went into the orientation with high hopes, yet always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Almost a year, later, I’m still waiting! I loved Infinity so much that I jumped at the opportunity to step into a Director of Rehab (DOR) role.
From day one as a full-time Infinity employee, I have felt supported, encouraged, empowered, and privileged to be a part of the team. Infinity promptly provided a week of intensive DOR training which allowed me to confidently transition into my DOR role. During this week of training, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to spend time with the president of the company and most of the other corporate staff members. This made a huge impression on me – if these people are willing to take time out of their busy days to meet and teach new Infinity directors of rehab, they must genuinely care about our success. With the previous rehab company, I was provided with 2 days of “DOR training” a mere 6 months after I stepped into the role of Director of Rehab. I never felt truly confident in my performance as a DOR with that company.
Infinity supports an environment of clinical skills development, which can be seen with free access to online continuing education training as well as hosting yearly Infinity Rehab symposiums. Corporate employees are just a call or email away and are always ready and willing to provide guidance with any situation. Recently, I was approached by my facility administration with the idea of getting my therapy team more actively involved in wound treatments. I contacted my area director and, within days, another Infinity therapist with a specialty in wound care was scheduled and travel arrangements were made for her to provide in-house training to my therapy team. Because of this, patients in my facility will receive better wound care and, likely, a better quality of life.
With Infinity Rehab, I don’t have to be “afraid” of the future of healthcare. Infinity strives to be one step ahead of the changes, preparing its leaders and therapists to embrace changes and learning to thrive no matter the circumstances. With the recent roll-out of MDS Section GG, I found that as an Infinity employee, I was more prepared and more informed than the non-Infinity employees in my facilities as these changes, thus gaining even more respect and trust from the facility administration team. As other major changes are approaching the therapy world, such as the addition of new evaluation billing codes for physical therapy and occupational therapy, Infinity has provided webinars and multiple helpful handouts to use so that we can make this transition virtually seamless.
At the end of each workday, I go home feeling accomplished and blessed to be able to work with a great company that allows me to provide quality care for my patients while I can continue to develop my skills as a therapist and a leader. In closing, I feel that Infinity’s vision statement speaks for itself – “Infinity Rehab will lead a post-acute care revolution by relentlessly pursuing unparalleled quality, value, and patient, customer, and employee experience. We will create an irresistible culture that inspires individuals to grow as leaders, clinicians, and innovators.”
Erin Ratliff, OTR/L
Director of Rehab
Avamere Transitional Care & Rehab – Boise, ID

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