What an exciting weekend! The 12th annual NW Symposium is in the books and it was another huge success! For each Symposium, our objective is to provide our clinicians with the best possible continuing education. We succeeded in this goal by hosting presenters who covered topics ranging from joint replacement rehabilitation to upper extremity rehabilitation post-stroke to neurology for the SLP and much more. Now, nearly 700 clinicians can bring this new knowledge (or a refresher for some) back to the clinic Monday morning and continue to positively impact the lives of those they serve.

We all had so much fun at the Symposium as well! While the opportunity to learn new clinical information is great for professional growth, the Symposium is also a time to connect with colleagues from across the nation, establish new friends, and forge lasting connections.
Thank you to the administrators and staff at the buildings for being so accommodating with our clinicians while they attended this very important event over the weekend. Annual continuing education is a requirement for most clinicians to renew their licenses, and this event is important for therapists to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and approaches to treatment. This way, our clinicians can continue to live out Infinity Rehab’s mission to enhance the life of every person they serve.
Thank you to everyone and I look forward to seeing each of you at next year’s Symposiums!

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