Our vision statement contains some very bold and daring words. We have crafted these words to paint a picture of the future and the actions we are taking to turn this future into a reality. Many in our industry would not have the courage to put the pen to paper and formally commit to these ambitious goals. These goals go to the core of who we are as an organization.

This past holiday, my mother was coming to visit, however, she developed pneumonia right before she was to arrive and was hospitalized. This change of events was very sudden and we spent Christmas coordinating her care for recovery. While dealing with my mother’s illness, I was quickly faced with what we do on a day-to-day basis in our facilities and clinics for our patients and their families.

When I was finally able to reflect on the situation, I realized that the Infinity Rehab vision statement resonated much more with me after my mother’s illness. A company that is relentlessly pursuing quality, value and customer and employee satisfaction is one that I want taking care of my mother or loved one. We often take for granted these characteristics or assume they are valued by all institutions.

I loved reading the December Insider article when Patty Scheets said “Achieving true quality in clinical care…it’s about learning from our mistakes, trying again, and encouraging one another.” It is a team effort! From our skilled sites to our outpatient clinics, we are all focused on trying to progress our patients to their optimal functional levels. Our outpatient clinics have been concentrating on improving our outcome scores by performing gait speed trials and task-oriented training. Even though our volume is significantly less than our skilled nursing counterparts, we are seeing encouraging results. Looking ahead, one of our 2017 initiatives is to design an outpatient program we can bring directly into the client’s home. Managing community health issues in a cost-effective manner will be the key to population health and wellness success.

I am so proud of having been an employee of Infinity Rehab for the past 15 years. There have been significant changes within healthcare during this time and our company continues to move forward and be a leader in the industry. Our focus on clinical excellence, patient outcomes and leadership development are just a few of the areas where Infinity Rehab’s culture sets us apart. We are a company that has always valued its employees and incorporated feedback to make improvements to better the environment for our patients and our staff. Our vision statement is an example of Infinity’s commitment of striving to excel for our patients, our employees and our company’s future!

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