Christopher Ridenhour joins Symposium 

In his keynote address, Christopher Ridenhour will present “Mindset Reset! Tuning in, Turning Up, or Tapping Out?” This session promises to transform the energy traditionally reserved for handwringing, complaining, and worrying into strategies that will drastically increase your influence and effectiveness. This session offers you the expert skill-building to influence the conversations around you toward hope and harmony over fear and frustration. Mastering your words and reactions, in the midst of all workplace storms, means never again having to hope, wish, or cross your fingers to achieve stability.  

Ridenhour believes each of us has the potential to become a role model who ignites the passion of our internal and external clients. Jaded, cynical, disgruntled participants are especially welcomed to this transformative session.  

About Christopher Ridenhour  

Christopher Ridenhour has always had a love for education and coaching. He devoted the first 10 years of his career to workforce development across a variety of industries including energy, city and state government, higher education, and finance.  So, the diverse experiences and successes served as a great foundation for all subsequent professional adventures he took on.  

Additionally for the past 20 years, he’s been an Organizational Development Executive and Chief Learning Officer for two multi-site healthcare organizations. He’s been a thought leader, holding numerous keynote engagements and corporate training sessions to improve human performance. Moreover, he has extensive experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and best practices. 

About the conference 

Infinity Rehab will host its annual Symposium in a one-day conference May 20, 2023. This year’s virtual Symposium conference is full of courses to help you grow your leadership skills, clinical skills, and more. Symposium will have all the features you know and love and special virtual engagements newly added for 2023, like chat rooms and lounges. 

In addition to Ridenhour, the conference features these additional speakers and educational opportunities: 

  • Welcome address from President JoLynn Munro 
  • Coffee chat with the Infinity Rehab DEIB task force 
  • Health Equity and Allyship in Healthcare, presented by Dr. Jennifer Hutton 
  • Aphasia Techniques to Put into Practice Today, presented by Megan Sutton 
  • Evidence-Based Interventions in Vestibular Rehabilitation, presented by Tabitha Galindo 
  • Inclusive Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation for all Genders and Ages, presented by Brianna Durand 
  • Leadership Skills for the Front-Line Employee, presented by Derek Fenwick 

See you there 

Join us to learn, network, and grow your skills! Registration is open. 

We look forward to seeing you at Symposium 2023! 

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