Lorana Ard (pictured left above) is a speech-language pathologist with Infinity Rehab at Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Sunnyside, Washington. She is a 2019 graduate of the Infinity Rehab Leadership Academy. Scholars enrolled in the academy engage in on-site and distance learning designed to transform Infinity Rehab employees into successful leaders. The curriculum matches company core values with key leadership practices proven effective in navigating real-world challenges.

During the year-long academy, scholars spearhead a project that stems from an area of opportunity or challenge specific to the community they work in. These projects tackle real-life business challenges that affect them and their building directly. They also positively impact the lives of patients, clinicians, and partners in the building. Through this program, Infinity Rehab is developing leaders who are truly making an impact. Often, new standards and outcomes evolve from these projects that are so revolutionary and beneficial that Infinity Rehab implements them company-wide.

Lorana identified a knowledge gap and sought out to increase the interdisciplinary knowledge of therapy core measures and outcomes so there is a collaborative celebration of patient’s achievements. In fact, Lorana chooses a “patient of the month” that is featured in the local paper.

Additionally, she was able to expand the education of outcomes to upstream providers to increase referrals in her community, a skilled nursing facility. Lorana speaks at the local hospital on behalf of the building and Infinity Rehab, focusing on evidence-based interventions and quality measures that have high impact on patient outcomes. These efforts have made a significant increase in referrals to her location.

Her next steps include individualized pins with patient quotes (obtained from comment cards near end of stay) and modifying the project with her second, smaller building with different clientele. Lorana plans to continue the Sunnyside success story project and move forward with sending out outcome scorecards to the referring physician with the support of the admission coordinator. She is also planning on creating quarterly network meetings.


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