Occupational Therapy Month

April was Occupational Therapy Month. Infinity Rehab team members nominated occupational therapist, occupational therapist assistants, and certified occupational therapy assistants as heroes that were highlighted all month on our social media channels.

Celebrating this month gives us a chance to recognize and thank all the occupational therapists, OTAs, and COTAs that play a vital role in upholding our mission and vision statements. Now more than ever, we want to recognize them and thank them for their tireless efforts and compassion.

In no particular order, we highlight all of the nominees below with a short quote from what their nominator had to say.

Rey Thomas, OT

“I am nominating this OT because we just hired him onto our team and his productivity has been amazing right off the bat.”

Melissa Clemm, OT and Abbie Moe, COTA

“Great attitude and gives it their all.”

Nancy Frank, OT

“Nancy brings such positivity to work, and is a shining light for all patients who have the opportunity to work with her.”

Nicole Oster, OT

“Not only is this OTR seriously skilled on all things within her scope of practice, she is knowledgeable and well-versed on how all disciplines and members of a patient’s care team come together to help create the bigger picture of a person’s needs, ensuring their highest level of safety and success. ”

Kerstin Baun, OT

“You are an amazing communicator and go above and beyond by following through with the staff on site.”

Liz Gritzmacher, OT and OPCD

“You are particularly skilled at finding multiple options and communicating them to the patient clearly. ”

Lindsey Steele, OT

“I can’t tell if you are brand new to Infinity or if you have been here in another life time. You have made incredible strides in our programs even though you are not only new to Infinity but fairly new to outpatient.”

Lori Hendricks, OT

“Lori has a heart of gold and goes the extra mile for her patients from stopping in to make sure they are dress to get up for a meal to stopping at a thrift store to buy them clothing.”

Denisa Neagos, OT

“There is nothing she won’t do to make things better for the team or to assist a patient in meeting their goals.”

Magali “Maggie” Gravenhorst Gatty, OT

“She takes pride in her managerial duties and also loves treating the patients!”

Suzanne Cruce, OT

“Passionate and innovative.”

Kaitlyn Holtz, COTA

“Kaitlyn has always stepped up to the plate and done whatever is asked of her.”

Alison Scheiderer, OT

“She provides excellent patient care while also juggling the demands of being DOR and somehow remains calm and responsive no matter how chaotic and busy everything is around her.”

Kelly Peterson, OT

“She has excellent insight into how to best work as an interdisciplinary team.”

Joye McNamee, OT

“She brings an excited energy to work which motivates and inspires her patients to strive for wellness.”

Heather Eoff, OT

“She is passionate about providing quality treatment approaches that connect with patients emotional and physical wellbeing.”

Allison Wood, OT

“Allie consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her patients goals encompass goals for improving life participation.”

Quincy Shaw, OT

“Quincy, your Queen Anne team is so proud of you and your patients will be lucky to be on the receiving end of your new training.”

Tammy Haugen, OT

“She loves to work with her patients and is a valuable part of our team.”

Sam Pinkham, OT

“I feel like Sam goes above and beyond often and is amazing to work and collaborate with.”

Gavin Metcalf, OT

“He is a PRN who is always flexible and willing to adjust his schedule to help with OT evaluations and treatments. Gavin is always positive and our team acknowledges him as part of our team!”

Marilee Walker, OT

“She leads her facility in driving value based health care and easily steps in to share her knowledge with others.”

Gopi Malhotra, OT

“She has compassion for improving the lives of all whether it be patients, families, caregivers, partners or professional colleagues.”

Tatyana Prusakova, OT

“Tatyana made an immediate impact in supporting the rehab program.”

Erin Willems, OT

“She readily supports the growth of OTs and COTAs throughout Infinity Rehab to assure quality is obvious in care. Her lift for rehab teams during new contract transitions is so impressive!”

Qianwen “Laurie” Liu, OT

“She puts the needs of her patients and families first and is a wonderful advocate.”

Luc Leech, OT

“Luc is curious and does not hesitate to explore new support options or ideas for the patients he provides care. Thanks for being so brave and resilient!”

Kelly Willis, OT

“She was recently noted to be singing (very well) and holding the hand of a developmentally-delayed resident who was crying out in frustration. No other staff was able to console her and this singing and tender heart calmed the resident down.”

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