What is mobile physical therapy?

Infinity Rehab at Home offers mobile physical therapy services to older adults. Whether you reside in a personal residence, independent or assisted living community, or other care settings, utilize mobile physical therapy’s convenience. This type of physical therapy helps patients recover after surgery or improve overall strength and vitality. Additionally, this form of therapy is often used  to improve a variety of health conditions

Many patients prefer mobile physical therapy because of the advantages offered by this option. For example, when an Infinity Rehab at Home therapist comes to your home, they provide personalized, one-on-one attention. In addition, the therapist can evaluate your surroundings and eliminate any hazards that might lead to injury.

The convenience of mobile physical therapy

Undoubtedly the most significant advantage of mobile physical therapy is convenience. First, scheduling a home visit from the therapist is typically more straightforward than getting an appointment at a clinic. Furthermore, because the therapist comes to the patient, the patient saves time and money traveling to and from the clinic and not dealing with the hassle of transportation. Additionally, the therapist brings all necessary equipment to the therapy appointment.

Regularity and consistency are critical when patients are recovering from an injury or illness or treating an ongoing condition. In other words, the patient must adhere to their physical therapy plan of care. Otherwise, they will not get the most out of their treatment plan. Mobile therapy increases the odds of this happening.

Mobile physical therapy offers a particular advantage for patients when they have “off days” and would typically cancel an appointment. These are the moments when therapy can help the most; this service can provide consistency when there would otherwise be a lapse in treatment. Ultimately, recovery or improvements don’t stall out, and the treatment plan stays on track.

How is mobile physical therapy different than home health?

Home health and mobile therapy are similar services, yet they fall under different benefits in the Medicare program. Both are provided in the home, but this therapy has fewer access restrictions. Moreover, it can be provided at a high frequency if needed.

With the pandemic lingering on, Infinity Rehab at Home is proud to offer patients the option of in-home visits.

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Scheduling an appointment with Infinity Rehab at Home is as easy as a phone call. Reach us at 971-364-0611. You can also email us at scheduling@infinityrehab.com.




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