Irresistible culture, an environment filled with laughter, and close connections. Would anyone need any better reasons to join the Infinity Rehab team at Prestige Care and Rehabilitation – Sunnyside?

Probably not, but just in case you need a few more great reasons, here’s why you should join this exciting, involved team in Sunnyside, Washington.

Equipped for quality care

This rehabilitation community is primed for quality care. Their large gym features new equipment and is connected to the transitional care unit for easy access. They also have a functional kitchen and laundry area onsite for practicing activities of daily living (ADL).

In addition to these high-class features, they also have an exceptional cognitive program. Occupational and speech therapists use this computer-based program to work with their patients across all levels on their language and cognitive activities.

This program has been in place for many years, organized by a previous valued administrator at Prestige Sunnyside. This program remains her legacy after she passed away in 2018 following 32 years of dedicated service.

All about therapy

The Prestige Care and Rehabilitation – Sunnyside team understands the value of therapy services. Their very own admin is pro-therapy and is one of the therapy team’s biggest advocates.
Eliacim “Elli” Quinones regularly involves Lorana Ard, Director of Rehab, in the admissions process.

“I get to see and help choose patients who are admitted,” Lorana shared.

She visits potential patients in the hospital to get to know them and their needs, putting therapy at the forefront as a key player in the admissions process.
“He likes to spotlight therapy as the highlight of the building,” Lorana added about Elli.

United culture

Infinity Rehab has their own core values, and Lorana makes it a point to understand her team members’ personal core values too.
“Most the team has a core value of humor, so we make sure there are good feelings and good vibes in the gym.”

Lorana noted she often finds patients laughing and enjoying their time in the gym, fitting right in with the culture she and her team strives to provide.
The team sure knows how to have fun with their patients, but they’re also there for one another during the difficult times. Lorana recently held a food drive for one of the resident’s family members after the resident passed away.

Since they’re in a small town, Lorana said they have great connections with their local community.

“We’re like a work family,” Lorana said. “I really feel I have the best group of therapists. Now we just need new people to round out the team.”
You could be one of these therapists! Apply today and join the Prestige Sunnyside team as an Infinity Rehab clinician.

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