What exactly is the onboarding and therapist recruitment process like at Infinity Rehab? Courtney Anderson, a certified occupational therapist assistant (COTA) in the Portland, Oregon area let us know a little bit more about her onboarding experience.

Why did you apply for a job with Infinity Rehab?

I had a good experience as a student at an Infinity Rehab location and as a new grad, I thought it would be beneficial to begin my career in a facility where I already had some experience. I also enjoyed the population I was working with and valued the ability to make a difference in my patients’ life.

What drew you to the company?

I was drawn to the company after my positive experience mentioned above. Through this experience, I increased my knowledge on how occupational therapy can benefit the geriatric population and enjoyed working with this population.

Describe your experience with the onboarding process once hired.

I had a good experience with the onboarding process once I was hired. I was welcomed into a supportive environment and benefited from the new hire mentorship program. The new hire mentorship program was beneficial because it provided me with an opportunity to receive training, ask questions and increase my knowledge which benefited my ability to provide therapy as a COTA.

What is training like at Infinity Rehab and how did this prepare you for your new role?

Training at Infinity Rehab was a good experience because I had a supportive mentor that was willing to provide education and assistance as I prepared for my new role as a COTA. This helped prepare me for my new role as a COTA by providing me with training about the facility, documentation system, and treatment approaches.

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