Therapy work that enriches lives 

Run by therapists, Infinity Rehab’s therapy work takes a patient-centered approach and uses evidence-based interventions. We have opportunities for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, certified occupational therapy assistants, speech-language pathologists, rehab aides, and leadership opportunities. 

Our focus on our people, engaging professional development programs, and overall culture speaks volumes about what it’s like to be a part of the Infinity Rehab team. 

Our vision emphasizes the level of care our therapists provide: to be the first choice for high-value rehabilitation in every home and community. 

Spotlight on an occupational therapist 

Erin Willems, occupational therapist (OT), is based in Boise, Idaho. Originally from North Carolina, she has been an OT for nine years. Through her therapy work with Infinity Rehab, she has provided support across several western United States for new start-ups and training new recruits.  

When she was young, her younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia at age three. She was always amazed with the doctors and nurses that took care of him; she was inspired to grow up and be a pediatric oncologist or possibly a nurse herself. But that evolved since she didn’t love needles!  

She danced through school, including college and grad school. A fellow student mentioned their parent was a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA). Erin had never heard of occupational therapy and had the opportunity to job shadow the parent. Coincidentally, her college town happened to have a master’s program for OT, she looked into it further, and decided to pursue OT as a career. Erin notes: “This is where my passion is. There hasn’t been a day I have regretted it.” 

Erin also notes that therapists pursue OT therapy work to help others, but Erin feels OT has impacted her more. She had the chance to help her grandmother when she entered hospice a few years ago. She had the privilege of being her advocate and navigator until she passed away.  

Because Erin’s work so closely hits her personal life, she can use this passion and empathy with her patients. “The past few years have been painful and challenging, but at the end of the day, what keeps me and all our therapists going is knowing that we allow our patients to live their lives to the fullest.” 

Join the Infinity Rehab team 

Infinity Rehab prides itself on an irresistible culture, an environment filled with laughter, and close connections. Would anyone need any better reasons to join the Infinity Rehab team? 

We help new clinicians ease into their job through our 90-Day Immersion Program. During this time, clinicians get to know the company culture, meet their team, set professional goals, and fully immerse into their new role at their own pace.  

We’re proud to offer a full professional development program at Infinity Rehab, packed with opportunities to help our clinicians grow as leaders, expand their clinical skills, and network.  

Explore opportunities in therapy work right now or contact one of our recruiters. 

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