Better Hearing and Speech Month heroes 

Each year, speech-language pathologists are recognized for their work during Better Hearing and Speech Month. At Infinity Rehab, fellow team members of our amazing SLPs nominated them as heroes for the work they do each day for our patients and residents.  

Here is a recap of the nominees and what their nominators had to say about them. 

Lindsay Lillie, Regional SLP Mentor 

While never having met in person, she has been an excellent mentor. She provided a wealth of evidence-based practice approaches, fostered critical thinking, displayed compassion for residents, had open communication, and mentored multiple CFs while seeing her own clients. She is passionate about speech therapy and I hope Infinity will recognize not only the excellent therapists but the mentors who guide clinical fellows.  


Not only was she a fantastic CF mentor for me, but I’ve had the privilege to cover her caseload from time to time; and I’ve been able to rediscover how of wonderful a clinician she is in real time. She’s a model for a professional standards and Infinity’s core practices. She is thoughtful and creates personally-meaningful and relevant goals to support the patient where they’re at, and of course where they want to go. Her rehab team and facility staff speak fondly of her and fully trust her skills and judgment. 


Teresa Wizinsky, SLP 

Teresa is such an incredible asset to the teams at Sunnyside and Toppenish. She has such a palpable passion for her work and for her patients. She frequently goes above and beyond to ensure her patients needs are met.  Her teamwork, positive attitude, and flexibility are deeply appreciated. She worked diligently, and lead the charge, with both programs, to ensure a smooth transition to the new IDDSI. The nursing team was so grateful for her assistance and expertise! She has developed strong relationships with nursing, kitchen, and her fellow therapists, and consistently educates the whole IDT on how to best meet patients’ needs. Thank you, Teresa, you are appreciated! 


Rose McFadden, SLP 

Rose works in a primarily non-English speaking clientele at Kin On. As a SLP, this is incredibly difficult work but also highly rewarding. She goes out of her way to ensure that patients understand their rights, and that she understands her patients, all while managing the building as well! 


Rika Nel, SLP 

Rika is always looking out for her patients, especially those who need altered diets. She goes above and beyond to train all staff members to make sure residents are safe from choking. 


Sarah Walker, Area Rehab Director and SLP 

Sarah has been such an encouraging and support resource! She’s easily accessible, willing to help with any questions and such a bright soul! She brings out the laughter as well as the productivity in all of us! We appreciate you, Sarah! 


Lorana Ard, DOR and SLP 

I’ve only known Lorana for a short time but think the world of her! She’s one of the most supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable DORs I’ve worked for. As an SLP and DOR, she’s jumped right in doing telehealth with me, the OT, w/o hesitation. We laughed the other day, there’s not too many SLP/DORs jumping full force into a full OT eval/treat willing to do ANYTHING (I used that word heavily). She’s such an amazing person. Infinity and our rehab team is beyond thankful and grateful for her. 


Megan Long, SLP 


She is an amazing SLP who always does what is best for her patients and advocates for them no matter what. We are so lucky to have her on our team! 


Pam Worden, SLP 

Pam is an effective and compassionate leader to the team, and therapist to the residents. 


Kristina Fiedler, SLP 

Kristina has kept our department afloat while we work to get a new SLP in place.  She’s PRN, but currently feels like like one of our full-time staff.  She has been able to provide our patients with the care they need despite being pulled in multiple directions.   I know we wouldn’t have made it to this point without her. 


Luciana Ricardo, SLP

Great communication skills with all disciplines throughout the faciltiy!   


Shannon Smith, SLP 

This person is a hard worker, and always does right by her patients. 


Betty Erickson, SLP 

Betty’s home building is in Coupeville which is about an hour and a half from my building. On numerous occasions Betty has helped me out of a bind with speech needs. She comes in late or shuffles her own schedule around to get residents seen. Most recently, she agreed to do an eval that my building was wanting done ASAP, this is a difficult resident. Within 5 min Betty had good rapport and was able to get the resident to participate. However, the eval ended up taking 2 and a half hours as the resident needs everything written down due to poor hearing and had a lot of questions. Betty was so kind and thorough. She has been my hero so many times! 


Andrew Fuller, SLP 

Andrew is the best SLP I have had the pleasure of working alongside. He makes personal connections with each of his patients and goes above and beyond to meet their needs. His communication and empathy with family members goes beyond the standard. He is truly an amazing therapist! 

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