A heartfelt testimonial 

Infinity Rehab understands the value of a positive patient testimonial; it is a true testament to the care that one of our patients has received. At Infinity Rehab, therapy is about outstanding patient outcomes and happy customers. The team of clinicians work diligently for patient satisfaction, and it shows in the glowing comments received from therapy recipients. 

We recently heard from DeAnne Wilfong, a patient at Sullivan Park Care Center in Spokane, Washington. She sent us a letter telling us about her experience. 

The testimonial 

“Recently I was a patient in Sullivan Park Care Center following what my cardiologist called a “100,000 mile tune up,” aka open heart, triple bypass surgery. During my three-weeks of rehab, the care I received was exceptional.  

Given a choice of rehab facilities on discharge from the hospital, I chose Sullivan Park Care Center. In retrospect, that decision was divinely directed. My goal of returning home as self-sufficient as possible was made possible by your excellent staff and well-designed program.  

First, I want to recognize the charge nurse who always took a few minutes to inquire about my progress and a shift nurse who talked me down from panic attacks several times by encouraging me to breathe. I can’t say enough about a nursing assistant who understood my middle-of-the-night needs: bed linens straightened, fresh water, a snack and a calming word. My positive state of mind as I recover at home is directly linked to this team.  

Physical therapy encouraged me with funny little phrases; for example, “nose over toes” to keep me motivated. I’m truly grateful for all the help to regain my mobility. The techniques I learned will continue to aid my progress. Thanks also to my occupational therapy assistant who did a magnificent job of researching therapy related topics, devices and dressing techniques for me.  

Housekeeping was thorough and cheerful. The dietary department went the extra mile for my input into how they could make my dining experience better.  

Again, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who was involved in my care, from the lady who transported me from the hospital to the facility, to the people in the kitchen who made the morning coffee, to the staff who brought the newspaper to me, and finally to the administrator of Sullivan Park Care Center for setting a standard. Your healthcare facility met and exceeded your stated goals: respect, integrity, commitment and trust.” –DeAnne Wilfong 


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