By Derek Fenwick
Vice President, People and Culture

Yesterday you should have received a very short 2-question survey in Paycom about your employee experience. Please take 2 minutes to share your candid input and help us continue to improve your experience at Infinity.

If you’re thinking, “Didn’t I just do this recently?” the answer is yes. Back in January, we asked all employees these same 2 questions. (If you missed the report back on those results, you can see that HERE).

This approach, known as “pulse” surveys, lets us take a quick snapshot of the company more frequently than an annual employee survey allows. By asking the same questions, we can more easily measure changes over time.

The more frequent cadence also allows us to see more quickly how an improvement effort is working. For example, we are targeting an “excellent” overall employee experience by the end of the year, as measured by employee net promoter score, or eNPS. One of the ways we are driving toward that goal is through our stay interview initiative, where we are working to talk 1:1 with every FT/PT employee in the company about their Infinity experience.

Through March, we have spoken with 82 people so far, which is about 27% of our total FT/PT employee base. These conversations have been very well received and appreciated, and, in some cases, have identified actions that we needed to take, mostly at the individual or local team level. This is exactly what we aim to do through our stay interviews, but have our efforts made a difference? We won’t know unless we measure again to see if it’s made an impact, and then decide our next steps based on what we learn.

I invite you to please share your truth with us on the survey that is now open in Paycom. Once in your account, you’ll find the alert for this under “Notifications,” which will take you right to the 2 questions. If you have any trouble at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We are targeting a 70% response rate on this survey, so your input is essential in helping us to hit that goal. And the more voices we hear from, the more powerful your input becomes, and the more influence you have over what our employee experience can become.
The survey takes less than 2 minutes – so fast you could do it right now! Don’t delay – the survey closes April 17th. Thanks for choosing to work at Infinity, and thanks in advance for your response.

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