Our annual employee survey is now open. This is your opportunity to give us feedback on your experience with Infinity Rehab. Why? Because we listen and use the information to make improvements in your work experience. You will receive an email directly from Paycom to participate in the survey. You can also access the survey through Paycom by logging in and clicking the notification icon 🔔.

We request your anonymous feedback on your experiences with Infinity Rehab to help us improve as a company. We accomplish this by using a setting inside Paycom that does not allow us to tie your input to any one individual, so you can feel confident sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. In fact, when you click the link in the email you receive, it takes you right to the survey (no login required).

You can make a difference in your experience as an employee! Please complete this survey as honestly as possible to maximize the impact your voice can have.

If you need assistance, please use the “Ask Here” section in Paycom or contact the HR team.

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