By Pamela Krbec

Director of Talent Acquisition

Have you ever wondered why you have this instinctive need to visit social media sites?  It may seem like a simple answer, such as boredom.  However, the number one reason people use social media is to keep in touch with friends, coworkers, and family; it is what keeps us connected to the rest of the world.  This “free” connection provides a forum for knowledge, entertainment, networking, and a sense of community.  It is clear that social media has had and continues to have, a substantial impact on our daily lives.  Social apps catering to mobile users is indicative that we are more likely to share things as they happen, rather than waiting to journal at a later time.

We all like to know, know now, and know quickly.  Social media meets our need to quickly see what we are interested in and get real-time information; it offers bite-sized content, so we digest it quickly.  It is clear that we all consume information differently now.  We used to browse through newspapers, books, encyclopedias, or magazines to search topics of interest.  Now we enjoy having our social media recognize for us what we are interested in knowing.  Have you ever been on Facebook and noticed in your newsfeed topics specific to your interest or reminiscent of a recent conversation?  This isn’t by accident and yet we all come to expect it now.

Of course, sometimes we just want to escape!  Social media is a fantastic and convenient way to have a little fun.  The entertainment is engaging, whether it is a relatable story, a new dance instruction video, a funny photo, a silly meme, or an inspirational quote.  Whether it offers a good laugh or a strong positive emotion, we usually get a sense of wanting to share it with others and thus the cycle of engagement begins on social media.  It provides a “feel good” outlet for us when we don’t necessarily want to take life so seriously and who doesn’t love it when one of our posts goes “viral.”

Social media opens a dialogue with an audience of your choosing, enabling others to engage with directly and immediately.  You can stay in touch with colleagues, friends, or family, get insight into what life is like for them or share what it is like for you!  It offers a mental health break from your daily stresses, collaboration & recognition, sharing of ideas and it strengthens relationships with coworkers. There are nearly 5 billion people on social media now; so, if you are looking for someone or something, chances are, you will find it!  Some of the most popular “social networking” sites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter.  Infinity Rehab is on all of them, so please share, like, follow, invite & tweet with us!

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