Our first Shining Star this issue is Rika Nel, SLP. Rika works at Prestige Post-Acute & Rehab Center – Kittitas in Ellensburg, Washington.

Rika does incredible with interdisciplinary diet/texture coordination. The dietary department in our building has seen a lot of turnover in our building plus with the transition to IDDSI this summer, she has worked really hard to ensure dietary and nursing understand the diet texture recommendations and are able to deliver the correct diet and the correct feeding assistance. She’ll create and leave helpful signs with feeding/swallow strategies to help staff safely assist residents with meals.

Rika is the ultimate team player. She’ll float to other buildings as needed, learned how to be a “backup-DOR,” in addition to showing incredible flexibility and patience with the ebbs/flows of caseload.

Rika’s love and care for her patients is obvious. She challenges herself to utilize the most evidenced based treatment techniques with her patients and is frequently complimented by our PRN staff for her skill.


Our second Shining Star this issue is Mona Post, PTA. Mona works at Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.

Mona consistently delivers high-quality care with a relentlessly positive attitude. She is exceedingly flexible and our team could not function without her. Mona takes feedback like a champion, and will always incorporate into her practice.

Mona is always willing to adjust her day to accommodate our patients. She will always take on an impromptu family training or address a critical need for a patient.

Mona demonstrates constant integrity, passion for our patients quality of life, and is the definition of teamwork, comradery, and fun. Our patients love her and always feel like they got a high quality session.


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