Our first Shining Star this issue is Kristina Flesher, HR Manager. Kristina is based at the home office.

Here is what her nominator had to say.

This employee is amazing at team work and getting other departments involved where needed. She is incredibly organized and dedicated to ensuring tasks are done accurately and efficiently.

With the Paycom transition, I have had to work with Tina more than I ever have before. I sometimes ask 5+ requests a day for changes or requests I need help with and she always stays positive and happy to help. She also offers suggestions when I run into issues that I’m not sure how to move forward with. She is so incredibly busy, but she’s willing to take to the time to support myself and my team succeed and I admire her for this!

Tina constantly strives to ensure that we have Paycom and other policies set up in a way that supports employees. This allows them one less stress to perform their job in the best way possible. The welcoming interactions she has with my team allows my employees to feel comfortable speaking with her, which allows us to run more efficiently.

Our second Shining Star this issue is Kelsey Gallegos, PTA and OPCD. Kelsey works at Fieldstone on Clear Creek in Silverdale, Washington.

Here is what his nominator had to say.

Kelsey is a new OPCD and has been working very hard to build the program at this brand new facility. She ensures her staff have what they need to build the caseloads and asks for feedback often.
Kelsey has been working very hard to ensure this program is delivering the best of science. She is a caring clinician as well as manager.





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