Our first Shining Star this issue is Pamela Hobbs, OT and DOR. Pamela works at Arlington Health and Rehabilitation in Arlington, Washington.

In addition to her OT/DOR responsibilities in her own program, Pam has served as the OT at 2 home health programs in the region the past few months. She consistently goes the extra mile and has been willing to drive to remote locations to meet patient care needs. In a recent conversation when I was discussing unplanned staffing shortage at a building in the region, Pam volunteered to go there that day to help complete as many evaluations as she could.

Pam has been very flexible, willing to learn new systems, and receptive to feedback. Pam has played an integral role in Infinity being able to meet its commitments to our home health customers in the region.


Our second Shining Star this issue is Camille Pitts, Outpatient Community Liaison. Camille works in the east Portland, Oregon market.

Camille excels in building relationships with others. She is always very friendly and full of enthusiasm during her day. Camille has a ‘team’ mentality mindset and is always willing to assist the therapists in making their day more efficient.

Recently, Camille was asked to assist on the very large campus of Mary’s Woods due to a LOA of a therapist. Camille quickly met all the key personnel and helped to communicate with residents, families and staff to answer questions and schedule appointments. She did not hesitate when asked to lend a hand in this large community and has made such a positive difference in maintaining our good relationship with this customer.

Camille demonstrates “Reaching to grow and embrace change” — she is a problem solver when faced with challenges and always brings solutions forward. She also demonstrates teamwork! Camille is vital to the success of OP programs she assists in and we are lucky she is on our team!



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