Our first Shining Star this issue is Justine Craig, PT. Justine works at Mary’s Woods in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

This therapist is particularly skilled at: Integrating herself into the community and building relationships with key personnel. Justine has spent a lot of time cultivating the partnership at the large Mary’s Woods campus.

I have seen this therapist “go the extra mile” by: Justine is new to the OPCD role and has dedicated a lot of time and effort into expanding our services at Mary’s Woods. She has worked closely with staff in marketing efforts attending multiple facility events and meeting residents. She brings energy to the program!

This therapist expresses and emulates the Infinity Rehab mission and vision in the following manner: Justine has embraced change and has been hard at work setting the OP clinic at Mary’s Woods up for success. She demonstrates a passion for her residents and her profession that is easily seen. Justine’s teamwork is evident in all her interactions.


Our second Shining Star this issue is Patty Leblanc, PT. Patty works at West Hills Health and Rehabilitation in Portland, Oregon.

Patty is particularly skilled in many areas. She is skilled as a treating clinician, as a resource for all things therapy-related for our therapists and facility nurses, and as a case manager and advocate for her patients. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. She has also taken on the trailblazing challenge of becoming a senior therapist and expanding her sphere of influence to other buildings in our network.

Stop me if you have heard this before; Patty has gone the extra mile for our building by working significant hours when we are low on coverage for PTO within her discipline, despite increasing demands on her time with the senior therapist position. Even with an exhausting schedule, Patty maintained a fantastic attitude, kept a smile on her face, and pushed on with all of the chaos of evaluations, groups, individual treatments, and family demands. Infinity and West Hills are so fortunate to have her leading our team!

Patty whole heartedly melds the best of science and the art of caring with each patient she touches. At any given time, Patty demonstrates all of Infinity’s core values. In this instance, she particularly expresses reaching to learn, grow, and embrace change (senior therapist), as well as teamwork, camaraderie, and fun (working additional hours to help cover PTO during our staffing crunch). Because of Patty’s amazing contributions, she is helping Infinity and our partner become a first choice for many consumers!

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