Our first Shining Star this issue is Tina Johnston, PTA. Tina works at Prestige Post-Acute and Rehab Center – Edmonds in Edmonds, Washington.

This therapist is particularly skilled at: Excellence in patient care, “encouraging the heart,” thinking of patients as a whole person, amazing IDT communication and follow up, looking at the overall needs of each individual patient, communicating with the nursing staff/MD/SS regularly while following the cardiac protocols in a detailed manner

I have seen this therapist “go the extra mile” by: helping out everyone she can patients/staff/family members of patients, caring for each person she interacts with, Tina goes the extra mile regularly and coordinates well with the IDT to give the patients the best customer service we can.

This therapist expresses and emulates the Infinity Rehab mission and vision in the following manner: passion for the quality of people’s lives, quality that is obvious, a culture of trust and respect.


Our second Shining Star this issue is Sam Pinkham, OT and DOR. Sam works at Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.

Sam is an extremely skilled occupational therapist and director of rehab at Puget Sound, a large skilled SNF in Tacoma. She runs an extremely efficient department while advocating for her residents, implementing the clinical model, and working well with her facility team.

Sam has worked well with the facility team to bring the facility to a 5 star rating and in her administrators words “sealed the success of the facility” with her communication and going the extra mile every day and removing the barriers and feelings of departments being siloed. Sam shows great leadership and models the way every day and sets the example, she is not afraid to address items and goes above and beyond for her residents and therapy team to make sure residents and communication is above par.

She handles her approach with ease and professionalism. She makes her team not only feel that they can come to her but able to listen and make the necessary changes to make a effective department.

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