Our first Shining Star this issue is Kunal Patel, COTA. Kunal works at Prestige Post-Acute and Rehab Center – Edmonds in Edmonds, Washington.

This therapist is particularly skilled at: time management, delivering excellent patient care, and promoting patient buy-in with therapy services with his outgoing personality.

Kunal has been carrying our only full time OT department at Prestige for several months, he is able to pull together groups effortlessly, has great time management, and his outgoing personality influences the team/all of his patients in such a positive way.

Kunal is extremely accountable delivering quality care that is obvious, has passional for the quality of people’s lives, and is a fantastic team member who promotes camaraderie/fun.


Our second Shining Star this issue is Laura Harper, SLP. Laura works at Prestige Senior Living at Karcher Estates in Nampa, Idado.

This therapist is particularly skilled at: completing telehealth visits when the DOR was out on leave, and worked so well with our PTA who was also new to Infinity, to ensure that our patients had ST evaluations when we had no other staff to assist.

I have seen this therapist “go the extra mile” by: completing orientation with our new SLP while DOR was out on medical leave, contacting DOR at home to keep her updated on new SLP and any concerns that might have risen. She was willing to fly out to see our patients when we were in a transition period waiting for our new SLP to start and had no other therapist. This was SO appreciated by the entire time and facility staff.

This therapist expresses and emulates the Infinity Rehab mission and vision in the following manner: She definitely sets the standard in rehab by delivering the best ST services even if it requires telehealth services, to ensure our patients receive wonderful care!! I just want to say Thank you, Thank you – for all that you did to ensure our patient’s needs were met!

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