Our first Shining Star this issue is Megan Long, SLP. Megan works at Prestige Care and Rehabilitation-Anchorage in Anchorage, Alaska.

Here is what his nominator had to say.

Megan took over as DOR this last year and has gone above and beyond as the team’s leader. She has done everything to assist the Therapy staff and other departments. Megan is kind, knowledgeable, passionate, and considerate of all our concerns and issues. Whether it be personal or professional Megan takes the time out of her busy day to accommodate and help us become better at our jobs, and problem solve dilemmas that occur. I am very thankful to be under her leadership, she makes me want to be a better therapist and all-around person. We are all very grateful to have her as our DOR!

Megan is someone who always is going the extra mile to get things done! If there’s an issue or concern Megan is on top of it! Megan shows empathy and compassion when it comes to our patients and seeks to provide the best care and recovery they can have. She makes sure our patients are set up for success! Megan has had handle multiple tasks working together with other departments even if these things are not as familiar. She adapts quickly and tries her best to help the situation!

Our second Shining Star this issue is Kate Rosemeyer, PT. Kate works at Queen Anne Healthcare in Seattle, Washington.

Here is what her nominator had to say.

Kate went above and beyond for a student shadow.

Remarks to DOR from a student shadow after spending time observing Kate: “Jen, thank you again for coordinating the opportunity to shadow Kate. She was phenomenal to observe as both a leader and instructor and I valued her insights throughout the day. It was obvious from the start how much Kate genuinely cares about her patients and it was inspirational to me as I continue on this path. I just wanted to share how much I appreciated her time in addition to the welcoming nature of the whole team!”

Kate consistently shows passion for the quality of people’s lives. She inspires others to learn and grow, while advocating for our profession.





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