Our first Shining Star this issue is Zack Dodge, IT Manager. Zack works at the home office in Tualatin, Oregon.

Here is what his nominator had to say.

Zack is one of the most kindest, genuine, hard-working people I know! He takes his job seriously, yet maintains a smile through hard situations. Zack is like the engine that keeps Infinity running! He works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that therapists and managers can do their jobs with minimal issues from an IT/tech perspective.

Zack is a true team player and problem solver. Having him on our new contract transition teams, specifically, has been a huge blessing. He strives to understand what it is that the therapists need to be successful. He creates systems that WORK and are efficient. I just want him to know how valued he is and how much he is appreciated!

Our second Shining Star this issue is Diane Webster, SLP. Diane works at Bend Transitional Care in Bend, Oregon.

Here is what her nominator had to say.

This therapist is particularly skilled at: providing skilled assessments, it a setting of telehealth, which requires creativity and resourcefulness. I am amazed what she can see “miles” away, while I am sitting beside the patients. She is particularly good at making recommendations based on what realistically is likely to happen outside of therapy sessions to ensure safety vs what we recommend should happen if all the stars align. She is excellent at interacting and educating family, staff (including presenters) and patients at a level that reflects their understanding. This skill has optimized progress.

I have seen this therapist “go the extra mile” by: fearlessness in learning and performing telehealth at a highly skilled level, being infinitely flexible in scheduling to ensure maximum number of patients are served.

In a current climate of limited therapist resources, I am grateful that we have the opportunity to use telehealth. Diane has shown courage in providing speech therapy services at a distance to our patients who need it most. I suspect they are thankful too.




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