Our Shining Star this issue is Tina Johnson, PTA. Tina works at Prestige Care and Rehabilitation Center of Edmonds in Edmonds, Washington.

Here is what her nominator had to say.

This therapist is particularly skilled at: Progressing complicated patients. She has a wonderful ability to see how a patient could progress and to break it down into achievable goals.

I have seen this therapist “go the extra mile” by: Reported by patient: Tina encouraged me, challenged me, and wouldn’t let me cheat. She helped me get from being unable to get out of bed on my own to walking around the building without any help. She has been such a huge impact in my recovery!”

I consistently see Tina go above and beyond with our patients, making sure they are cared, advocating for them when needed, and providing the kind of compassion that is so desperately needed in this setting.

Our mission is to set the standard in rehabilitation for successful aging by delivering the best of science with the art of caring. This therapist expresses and emulates the Infinity Rehab mission in the following manner: Tina meets all of our core values, and today I want to really share her ability to demonstrate integrity, and passion for the quality of people’s lives. I am always hearing about Tina from our patients and how they have loved working with her, and how they made their lives better. Thank you Tina!



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